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The Hiring Compass
How to Navigate the Talent Pool Paradox and       Avoid Hiring Shipwrecks

This book is guaranteed to help you make better hiring decisions and is a must-read for anyone who influences or is directly involved in search, selection and hiring.

Got engagement? Got retention?  Unfortunately most organizations don’t have enough.  The fact is, charting the course for high levels of employee engagement and retention begin long before the first interview.  Moreover, most professionals who find themselves making or influencing hiring decisions are ill-equipped to do so.  External factors, internal biases and the Talent Pool Paradox work in sync to stack the odds against long-term, successful hires.

The Hiring Compass provides simple yet effective tools to help turn the negative tides of search and selection into a positive blue water journey resulting in happy hires, happier hirers, and significantly increased employee engagement and retention in any organization.

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About the Author

Mark Debinski is an accomplished leader and C-level executive.  As founder of Bluewater Advisory and co-founder of Bluewater Search, Mark focuses all his efforts on helping organizations and individuals operate at their highest and best use. Mark and his team at Bluewater Search have developed a unique and award-winning methodology for search and selection, the results of which are extremely high employee engagement levels and unparalleled employee retention rates.  Whether working with small management and executive teams or speaking to national groups, Mark enthusiastically shares why so many hires lead to misfires, and how to avoid hiring shipwrecks in the future.

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Increase Engagement

Most organizations are operating at less than 50% of their optimal engagement levels. What can you do to increase engagement in your organization? Learn how in The Hiring Compass.

Employee Retention

Understand the true cost of a hiring mistake and how to calculate that cost for your own organization.  More importantly, The Hiring Compass provides simple yet effective tools to significantly increase your chances of lasting hires.

Develop a System

Understand the value of balancing the head with the heart in hiring.  Use the tools and methodology in The Hiring Compass to develop a world class system for consistent hiring success in your organization that directly and positively impacts your organization’s bottom line.

Speaking & Consulting

If your organization could benefit from a little time with Bluewater’s Talent Management experts, Contact Us for more information on how we have used our “teach a man to fish” methodology to benefit hundreds of organizations across the United States.



Why Really Smart People Make Really Bad Hiring Decisions

While we might have doubts about certain hiring decisions, no one sets out to fail on purpose.  So why do so many organizations suffer from “hiring shipwrecks”?  There are a number of reasons, over a dozen distinct navigational decision point risk areas.  Learn how to avoid them.

The True Cost of a Hiring Mistake

Studies have shown the cost of a hiring mistake can be three to five times the salary for the position.  Most people have a hard time believing this – until they calculate it for themselves.  Find the tools to learn the truth and avoid costly mistakes going forward.

The Top Ten Shipwrecks of Hiring Mistakes

Isn’t it valuable to learn from others’ mistakes so we don’t repeat them?  In this chapter brave and forthright captains of industry share some of their all-time hiring shipwrecks in the spirit of iron sharpening iron.

The Threefold Business Cost of Donnie

Donnie is costly, embarrassing, and often the elephant in the room of many organizations; however, he remains.  Understand the true toll a Donnie takes on an otherwise healthy organization, and what you can do to re-gift Donnie to the field and even better – avoid bringing him on board in the first place!

The Talent Pool Paradox

Understand what happens when recent social, economic and technical forces converge to form Talent Pool Paradox, and the challenge this poses to those involved in recruitment, search and selection.  Moreover, learn how to avoid falling in the pool!

Attorneys, Used Car Salesmen, and Recruiters

Why do so many people put these three professions in the black sheep category?  A few bad apples…..  Learn the difference between the black sheep and white knights of search and selection, and how to infuse some of their award-winning strategies into your hiring practices.

How to Avoid the Talent Pool Paradox and Consistently Make Great Hiring Decisions

Now put this knowledge to work, and begin to chart a course for your specific organization.

Are All Assessments Created Equal?

Are you aware that some of the assessments being used to make hiring, promotion and professional development decisions are not even validated for accuracy?  Learn how to ask the right questions, steer clear of this rocky bottom and navigate in the blue waters of first class assessment tools.

Bringing it All Together: Charting Your Course Toward Blue Water

Finally, combine your past experience and newfound knowledge to chart a course for consistent hiring success, increased employee engagement and retention, and a direct positive impact to your bottom line.